Trend ‘Fresh Start/Fresh Art’

Your first house together, find an interior together, flavors that are often different, visit dozens of shops and a lot of other things that cause much stress for many young couples. It seems an endless quest that your relationship does not benefit... BUT! Don’t do this longer because with the Fresh Start/Fresh Art Trend it brings a lot of fun together and you begin full of positive energy in your first house together. 

The FreshStart trend is a combination of bright primary colors and fresh accent colors. The oak which recurs in many furniture and lighting fixtures for the home environment. The soft materials and fabrics make this whole a great interior for a young couple.

The living room is furnished with sleek upholstered bench with oak gates and decorative buttons. This combination of materials fits very well with this trend, it has a youthful and fresh appearance. An armchair in the same style also fits here perfectly! Storage is created by a nice TV bench. This is finished with a combination of oak and sliding doors in three fresh colors. A trend that you see very much this moment is a couple of small side tables together to be used as a coffee table. The possibilities are very diverse. You can mixed totally different tables together or a couple of tables from the same series. This trend also fits great in an interior in the Fresh Start trend. For this interior there is chosen for a couple of round coffee tables in various heights and how could it be otherwise again finished in a mix of materials and finishes!

In the dining room you will find a round table with taut frame, which is executed in a fresh color. Again, the combination of materials in this furniture creates the perfect dining table in this trend. There are matching dining chairs that are upholstered with a trendy ‘Pied de Poule’ fabric. A woven carpet where the fresh accent color is evident in back also allows for the domestic and fresh feeling. Surprising decorations and lighting in the same finish as the rest of the furniture completed this interior.

This trend is mainly a combination of materials. To release this combination, complemented with fresh accents in textile or material finishes create an interior in this trend to a whole!
Bring light materials with a fresh accent color and you can full of fresh courage to get on with the rest of the interior, because the Fresh Start/Fresh Art trend is a real mood booster!

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